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Employee benefits video: An essential way to communicate your story

April 1, 2015

Using storyboards creates a strong foundation for any design. Whether the final product is a video, motion graphics, a print campaign, or a client presentation; they help define the focus of your story. It’s a great way for our designers to brainstorm concepts, fine tune the direction, and present the key message. We created this sequence for an Employee Annual Enrollment video. It highlights: You have a choice – Your Medical Options, Financial Future, and your overall Wellness. See more of this storyboard here on our website.

Employee Benefits Video Storyboard Concept

Storyboarding a concept challenges us to look at information globally and communicate the message in a cohesive, visually compelling fashion. We’re able to finesse the concept, organize each slide and determine how the elements can be combined together to create a better story.


Healthy employees = Healthiest Employer

April 8, 2014

In BP’s second year, the Million Step Challenge encourages employees to reach a one-, two- and three-million step goal. As of July 2013, more than 20,000 BP employees, retirees, and their families signed up and are working towards their million steps. With employees leading increasingly busy lives BP needed a way to motivate employees to get on their feet. With this editorial in the BP ‘Benefiting You’ publication, PRISM visualized a few ideas for employees to take inspiration from.


By showing employees ideas, it’s easier to get their feet walking towards better wellness.

BP encourages Million Step Challenge participants to “go for an awesome life”. Employees receive a free Fitbit to count their steps. For every millions steps taken, employees are awarded points. In addition, BP was recently named the #1 Healthiest Employer in the Houston Area (companies with 5,000+ employees), by the HBJ.

Road map to the changes

July 16, 2013

When it came time to introduce Baker Hughes employees to the new and enhanced WellWorks program, Prism wanted to present a fun, interactive piece for employees to follow. With the program in transition, we decided to guide employees through the steps they needed to take by means of a road map.

Here’s the road map to the changes. Click the image below to see where the road takes you.


The road map’s bright colors and clean look made for an easy, fun way to put important WellWorks information into the piece.

Participate in life

August 12, 2011

This year’s Annual Enrollment Campaign for BP is all about participation, involvement and tools to better understand your health. We all know when it comes to one’s health and wellness, it’s very personal. Whether it be asthma, diabetes or heart disease, with the help of BP’s Condition Management Program, you can manage your condition effectively. We use a group of photos and illustrative ‘avatars’ that visually remind employees that no matter the condition, you can and should participate in life!

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