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Walking towards better wellness

July 24, 2013


When it comes to employee health care, communication is key. For National Employee Wellness Month this past June, thousands of employers and employees from around the nation were asked their opinion on workplace wellness. Results showed that while employees value wellness programs, only 51% of employees feel that they know how to participate in healthy lifestyle programs offered by their employers.

Companies like BP want to make sure that there is no miscommunication on how to improve employee fitness. In April 2013, BP introduced the BP Million Step Challenge, a wellness initiative that encourages BP employees and their families to walk one million steps by Dec. 15, 2013. Those who join the challenge receive a wireless activity tracker called a Fitbit, which tracks the steps the user takes as well as how many calories they have burned and the distance they have walked.

With the Million Step Challenge, BP is helping employees to make physical activity part of their everyday routine as well as encouraging them to participate in a healthy lifestyle as a community. Prism conveyed this sense of collective involvement in our design for the BP Million Step Challenge campaign.

The campaign design features a graphic pattern of walking people in BP colors. While the different colors represent the diversity and individuality of BP employees, the amount of graphic people in the design show BP’s collective participation in the Challenge.

With participation as simple as taking a walk, it’s easy for BP employees to get involved in the Million Step Challenge. Registration ends Aug. 31, 2013.


Participate in life

August 12, 2011

This year’s Annual Enrollment Campaign for BP is all about participation, involvement and tools to better understand your health. We all know when it comes to one’s health and wellness, it’s very personal. Whether it be asthma, diabetes or heart disease, with the help of BP’s Condition Management Program, you can manage your condition effectively. We use a group of photos and illustrative ‘avatars’ that visually remind employees that no matter the condition, you can and should participate in life!

Keeping employees engaged

March 1, 2011


BP is going the extra mile providing Wellness Programs to keep employees engaged in healthier lifestyles. This 13-month calendar/planner was mailed to the homes of employees along with a message of how they can do their part and commit to better health in 2011.

This year, the chat bubble (a campaign graphic) becomes part of the pictures we illustrated. The “I can” theme helps an employee to visualize being in the picture; not just talking about it. The “I can” becomes an “icon”.

Doing their part to create the BP Wellness Calendar: Terry Teutsch: illustration, Richard Laurence Baron of Signalwriter: words. Janelle Ewing and Bonnie Hargett for allowing us to be a part of the strategy for better personal and corporate wellness at BP America.

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