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PacoTech 25 Years

May 4, 2016



When PacoTech turned 25 this year, they wanted to celebrate their anniversary and share their achievements with their customers. They approached Prism to design a 25-year graphic to add to their current brand materials. However, with 25 years under their belt, Prism suggested that it was a crucial time for PacoTech to look to the future, build on their successes, and consider a brand refresh.

PacoTech is an information management consulting group that helps Fortune 500 companies in organizing their information resources. PacoTech looks at business records from a global perspective to help companies in controlling the creation, maintenance, retention, and disposal of their records.

To visualize PacoTech’s modern mission, Prism integrated both type and symbol in creating their logo. We designed the “o” symbol to represent how the company organizes their clients’ resources on a global scale.

The new logo then inspired our design of the complementing 25-year anniversary graphic. Born out of the global “o” and the criss-crossing linear elements was the triangular shape that is their unique 25-year anniversary graphic.


Every girl wants a new do!

February 14, 2011


Today is the day! Time for a new hairdo. Something fresh, contemporary, inspirational, reflective of the times, yet respectful of tradition. So, when Gamma Phi Beta decided to update their Foundation brand, the appointment was made. All it took was a collaboration of shampoo, conditioner, a clip here and a clip there, a touch of color and a final blow-dry. Oh! how a new hairdo makes you feel. A renewed spirit and soul. In this case less is more, as there was no need for an overhaul, but to simply refresh what was fundamentally good.


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