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Celebrating a golden relationship.

June 6, 2016

Black tie or tie-dye? Classic or groovy. Iconic styles. Spy themed colors, patterns, and illustrations that visualize the essence of both James Bond and Austin Powers.

We experienced “partnership mojo” with the folks from Texas Center for the Missing (TCM) as they invited us to design the communications for their fundraising gala: “Super Spy Showdown”.

Texas Center for the Missing is here to serve the community. It’s a local nonprofit, dedicated to bringing hope and healing to the missing and their families through crisis intervention, prevention and community education.

For the design, we incorporated smart, creative and budget friendly print techniques so more of the funds raised would help keep children and loved ones safe, which in the end, won us Gold! The Gold Hermes Creative Award that is, for the TCM Super Spy Showdown Gala Invitation and Save the Date.


Easy and fun. Engaging for James Bond lovers and/or Austin Powers aficionados to choose their spy. From start to finish the communications featured popular movie titles, taglines and quotes.

A very simple angle cut and fold were included in the design of the save the date to introduce both James Bond and Austin Powers.

We’re delighted to share this accomplishment with TCM and look forward to future collaboration. Read more about the success of the gala showdown here.







December 22, 2015

2015 Christmas Card Image BlogSMALLERWishing you a holiday season filled with laughter, love and selfie-sticks.

XOXO, The Prismatics

Where creativity, expression and intellect collide.

March 18, 2015

What’s a designer to do for inspiration? Take the family to see a Cirque du soleil production, Amaluna! There’s so much to take in like set design, costumes, music, lighting, story line, and of course the talented performers; it’s a creative cornucopia.

Amaluna was not my first Cirque show, however every time I attend, I find myself asking the same questions. What does it take to deliver a Cirque production? Who orchestrates the creative direction? How do the performers perform at such a high level day in and day out? So many moving parts, yet the presentation is seamless, in sync, to us. It’s obvious that not only is a Cirque production visually stunning, it’s beautifully thought-out.

Ironically, we often receive a similar response when we work on client projects. We develop creative directions while looking at each project from a broad perspective. We perform through our execution and production of the ideas, delivering a product that is in sync with the client’s needs and expectations. And yes, we do this day in and day out. Actually, it’s not surprising to see some similarities between a Cirque du soleil production and our process as designers. Our client’s work is beautifully thought-out too.

Communicating Wellness – can be ugly

February 23, 2011


This BP wellness calendar was designed and written to speak about real health issues – not pretty them up. It features daily issues like putting off exercise, stress at work or not taking care of your body. The “get around to it” theme is easy for folks to relate to everyday. The chat bubbles say things we “think” or “would say” – with a little fun thrown in.

Even designing a wellness calendar takes many helping hands (or beans) to make the concept succeed. Let me first thank the “voice” Richard L. Baron, Signalwriter, and Janelle Ewing, who is Manager of Benefits Communication at BP America; and seconded by Bonnie Hargett, BP Benefits Communication Consultant. Kudos to Prism’s Design Director, Terry Teutsch, for creating a fun and inspiring calendar.

We set out to design a calendar that we had never seen before; that was not generic sounding or “just pretty” in look. We accomplished this and more… Award of Excellence at Houston’s IABC 2010 Bronze Quill Awards.

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