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Employee benefits video: An essential way to communicate your story

April 1, 2015

Using storyboards creates a strong foundation for any design. Whether the final product is a video, motion graphics, a print campaign, or a client presentation; they help define the focus of your story. It’s a great way for our designers to brainstorm concepts, fine tune the direction, and present the key message. We created this sequence for an Employee Annual Enrollment video. It highlights: You have a choice – Your Medical Options, Financial Future, and your overall Wellness. See more of this storyboard here on our website.

Employee Benefits Video Storyboard Concept

Storyboarding a concept challenges us to look at information globally and communicate the message in a cohesive, visually compelling fashion. We’re able to finesse the concept, organize each slide and determine how the elements can be combined together to create a better story.


Looking out for your best interest

August 28, 2013

When partnering with you, we want to create a dialogue in which we can solve what’s important to you and take on the heavy lifting so that you can focus on other things.

We partnered with the Invesco in-house marketing team to help them take their design in a new direction. We challenge ourselves to stay brand-compliant while also designing unique covers with content that flows well.

Unit Trust

With their Unit Trust guides, we presented a crisp look with a contemporary feel to convey the expertise Invesco possesses with an air of calm and clarity.



By presenting a moment in business owners’ everyday lives, the covers create a sense that even though they are surrounded by commerce, the focus is still on them. With this mood established, Invesco is able to convey that time-crunched business owners need to take the time to make a retirement plan.



These sales toolkits help advisors explain and sell defined contribution retirement plans to their customers. We utilized photography of pathways, hallways, and corridors with a modern and minimal quality in order to represent a forward trajectory.


At Invesco, the entire brand is based on the language of ascent – a system of diagonal, graphic planes that speak of growth and aspiration. When starting a project, we make sure that we’re speaking the language of your brand and keep the focus on what’s important to you.

Gamma Phi-bulous fabric: the pink carnation

March 13, 2012

We’re working on pattern designs for Gamma Phi Beta sorority members so they can celebrate their official flower – the pink carnation – in a new (fabric) way!

We plan to tweak and/or complete more patterns than pictured here. We think the fabrics could be used to make gift totes, tablecloths, to cover big Greek letters for recruitment, or whatever members can dream up.

Our goal is to have several ready this summer (June 2012). Hopefully we’ll have some actual gift items made up, and for sure the actual fabric for sale. We’re pretty thrilled about this. We’d love to hear what you think. Ideas anyone? Which one’s your favorite? Leave us a comment.

This new Pink Carnation line of fabrics is inspired by the four founders of Gamma Phi Beta Sorority: Helen, Frances, Adeline, and Mary. You can read about them here. We’ll talk more about what this means as we complete our designs.

BP + PRISM success story in numbers.

August 12, 2011

What does a successful wellness communications program look like? We’ll visualize the growth of BP’s program here:

And here are some huge employee “participation” results:

During early 2010:
More than 25,000 BP America employees and retirees completed a Health Questionnaire. That’s a whopping piece of a health pie – more than 80% of eligible employees.

More than 10,000 made a Health Advisor call.

More than 21,000 enrolled in a new health option medical plan known as HealthPlus, where they must earn wellness points to remain in the plan.

By the end of 2010:
More than 92% of the HealthPlus participants earned 1000 wellness points. This is a new benchmark for the industry; outside consultants expected only around 60% would complete the 1000 point requirement in the first year.

Early 2011:
90% of employees and spouses/domestic partners completed a Health Questionnaire and are enrolled in the HealthPlus medical option for 2011/2012 plan year.

BP is developing a culture of health. They have adopted programs that encourage everyone to become healthy. Can you influence behavioral changes in your employees? Going by the numbers, we’re heading for success.

Now, see more visual evidence up close:

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