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A Visual Treat.

February 24, 2015


On a recent trip to Italy this storefront design grabbed me immediately. The rich character, warmth and quirkiness – pulled at me to go inside.

The shop owner of this meat, cheese and wine store in Siena, Italy was proud of his offerings; and rightfully so. His attention to detail was everywhere on the inside. Pizzicheria De Miccolino has no menu, the concept here is to use your senses. Look, smell, taste, chat and enjoy the atmosphere. Of course we purchased several picnics worth of savory goodies and left with a very unique experience too.



August 20, 2012

VISUALIZE being a winner… this is what PRISM is doing with it’s current self-promotion piece that’s being honored in the “Perfect 10” for Neenah Paper’s CLASSIC® Car Contest.

One of our goals for this project was to use color, pattern, and words to enhance the paper we chose. We brainstormed four “IZE” words to compliment PRISM’s ability to VISUALIZE: MODERNIZE, GLOBALIZE, FERTILIZE, and SOCIALIZE. The words were laser cut into sleeves allowing graphic imagery to peek through. Inside each sleeve is a graphic note card designed to “VISUALIZE” each IZE word.

Entries: about 800

Distinguished award: ability to creatively combine CLASSIC Papers, design and printing with style!

Perfect 10 Awards: 10 (we’re one of them!)

What we won: $500 greenbacks + kudos galore. You can see a picture of us on the Neenah Blog – Against the Grain.

Acceptance Speech: Thank you Neenah Paper! And thank you Becky Chaffin with OK Paper for getting us to enter. Kudos to Laser Cutting Shapes, and David Felts with Wrights Printing.

Tia Dresses Up.

June 26, 2009


Serendipity is (sometimes) as effective as disciplined thought. Prism’s bookkeeper, Amy Puchot, introduced me to Tia Budde, a friend and an amazing cook one summer evening. Tia had on this sleek summer dress that everyone noticed. I had no idea this dress would later become the inspiration for a package design.

A few months later at another gathering, I got to taste a terrific salad dressing Tia had made. She had been sharing this salad dressing with friends – making gifts of it – to an ever-growing list for the holiday season. I kept nudging Amy, “How I could get on the list for this stuff? I’ll pay.”

At the same time, Prism was in the midst of our annual what-can-we-design-for-a-holiday-present. Amy had been nudging her friend to market her dressing; Prism was in need of a gift to design. So Amy got us partnering.

Along with meeting this bright and talented cook, that dress was part of a great first impression. We created a mood board of visuals to present to Tia along with the name: “Tia’s Dress. Smart salads wear this dressing.”  The concept just clicked.

The dress is still stylish, too.

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