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Employee benefits video: An essential way to communicate your story

April 1, 2015

Using storyboards creates a strong foundation for any design. Whether the final product is a video, motion graphics, a print campaign, or a client presentation; they help define the focus of your story. It’s a great way for our designers to brainstorm concepts, fine tune the direction, and present the key message. We created this sequence for an Employee Annual Enrollment video. It highlights: You have a choice – Your Medical Options, Financial Future, and your overall Wellness. See more of this storyboard here on our website.

Employee Benefits Video Storyboard Concept

Storyboarding a concept challenges us to look at information globally and communicate the message in a cohesive, visually compelling fashion. We’re able to finesse the concept, organize each slide and determine how the elements can be combined together to create a better story.


Where creativity, expression and intellect collide.

March 18, 2015

What’s a designer to do for inspiration? Take the family to see a Cirque du soleil production, Amaluna! There’s so much to take in like set design, costumes, music, lighting, story line, and of course the talented performers; it’s a creative cornucopia.

Amaluna was not my first Cirque show, however every time I attend, I find myself asking the same questions. What does it take to deliver a Cirque production? Who orchestrates the creative direction? How do the performers perform at such a high level day in and day out? So many moving parts, yet the presentation is seamless, in sync, to us. It’s obvious that not only is a Cirque production visually stunning, it’s beautifully thought-out.

Ironically, we often receive a similar response when we work on client projects. We develop creative directions while looking at each project from a broad perspective. We perform through our execution and production of the ideas, delivering a product that is in sync with the client’s needs and expectations. And yes, we do this day in and day out. Actually, it’s not surprising to see some similarities between a Cirque du soleil production and our process as designers. Our client’s work is beautifully thought-out too.

Peachtree logo development

May 22, 2013

What designer does not yearn for an opportunity to design a logo? When Prism was tasked to create an identity for a new apartment community in Atlanta Georgia, called Peachtree Dunwoody Place, I began brainstorming ways to graphically connect the apartments with a “peach tree”. I know, peach trees have been done over and over. However, I was determined to “contemporize” and “modernize” the logo to reflect the upscale, hip living available in the community. In addition to the “peach tree” variations, I also wanted to execute designs that were inspired by the modern design of the property.

The target market for this community is male and females between the ages of 25-35. Hey! that’s me, and the majority of my friends! (Now, my non-paid, officially unofficial, focus group.) Interesting enough, the females preferred the “tree” designs while the males preferred the abstract “modern” executions. Because of the positive feedback on all of the designs, Prism decided to present both directions to the client.

These are the five logos that Prism presented in digital form. After a few minor tweaks, the client selected the design shown first. On this one, I incorporated a faux bois pattern in the body of the trunk and designed organic orange circles to “suggest” peaches. The colors and font treatment are fun, young and hip. My friendly test group thought so too. Peachy.

Thinking tool. Visual Thesaurus.

March 9, 2011


The subject of a recent business leaders meeting: The importance of finding out the “why” from our customers instead of the “what”. Curious marketing beans always ask lots of questions to get closer to the true why, so I clicked on one of my favorite mind-mapping tools, the Visual Thesaurus, to ask it: “why, ask why”?

For us, answering the “why” lets us operate at our most powerful, strategic, design thinking to reach the goal or desired result.

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