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Prism wins again

March 10, 2015


Our Prism Design team is honored to receive five Hermes Creative Awards.

Platinum for our work on the BP 2014 Calendar; Gold for the Gamma Phi Beta Foundation fundraising brochure and the One Park Place project; and Honorable Mention for our work on the Gamma Phi Beta Foundation 2012 Annual Report and the BP 2013 Calendar.

We share these honors with our outstanding writer Elizabeth Fordham at Quill & Ink.

The Hermes Creative Awards is an international competition for creative professionals involved in the concept, writing and design of traditional materials, programs, and emerging technologies. The competition has grown to one of the largest of its kind in the world.


Awarding creative excellence

February 19, 2015


Prism is proud to announce that we have received four MarCom Awards: Platinum for our work on the BP Calendar and the One Park Place project; Gold for the Gamma Phi Beta Foundation fundraising brochure and the Gamma Phi Beta Foundation Annual Report; and Honorable Mention for our work on the Dream Spaces project.

Prism shares these honors with our writer Elizabeth Fordham at Quill & Ink.

“It’s gratifying to have our work given the thumbs up on a national level,” said Elizabeth. “What’s particularly rewarding is that our work is a true team effort. There are some aspects that are set in stone by the clients, but we also enjoy fluidity and flexibility as the project evolves. That’s where a project’s personality shines through and propels our work into the spotlight.”

The MarCom Awards is a competition honoring creative excellence in marketing and communications. The competition receives about 6,000 entries per year from corporate communications departments, PR firms, and advertising agencies around the globe. Entries are judged based on the quality and creativity of the submitted work. Winners receive either the Platinum Award or the Gold Award.

Looking out for your best interest

August 28, 2013

When partnering with you, we want to create a dialogue in which we can solve what’s important to you and take on the heavy lifting so that you can focus on other things.

We partnered with the Invesco in-house marketing team to help them take their design in a new direction. We challenge ourselves to stay brand-compliant while also designing unique covers with content that flows well.

Unit Trust

With their Unit Trust guides, we presented a crisp look with a contemporary feel to convey the expertise Invesco possesses with an air of calm and clarity.



By presenting a moment in business owners’ everyday lives, the covers create a sense that even though they are surrounded by commerce, the focus is still on them. With this mood established, Invesco is able to convey that time-crunched business owners need to take the time to make a retirement plan.



These sales toolkits help advisors explain and sell defined contribution retirement plans to their customers. We utilized photography of pathways, hallways, and corridors with a modern and minimal quality in order to represent a forward trajectory.


At Invesco, the entire brand is based on the language of ascent – a system of diagonal, graphic planes that speak of growth and aspiration. When starting a project, we make sure that we’re speaking the language of your brand and keep the focus on what’s important to you.

Anatomy of a Sub-Brand. KBR Technology

August 30, 2010

In this case HOW does a small group of a big brand company make itself known in the world of its customers?

Make it powerful, simple, and about the client’s technologies. This was hard – as we set out to design nothing “technical” looking. We worked to find images that had just the right expression: Activity, growth, things in motion, people on the street – well, life.

We needed vivid and engaging colors to tell the story but not conflict with any brand standards. We selected colors from within the photo images. Each color choice is part of its environment, not part of a brand palette.

This campaign has five stand-out elements…

1. “HOW IN YOUR WORLD” – it’s the customers’ world

2. World photos – big local images

3. Colors – a palette from within the photos

4. Feature box – subject specific text

5. Small insert photo – KBR Technology professionals

And, strategically, two big brand tie-ins…

6. “Know-How Delivered” – a tagline extension of the big brand
is “We Deliver”

7. The logo is big brand, of course – the business unit TECHNOLOGY descriptor is nearby for the sub-brand customer

The creative team started with Richard Laurence Baron, Signalwriter, and included the Prism beans of Stacy Allen, Terry Teutsch and Susan Reeves.

Inspiration delivered by the clients at KBR Technology, of course.

KBR Technology: more examples.

KBR Brochure design

KBR Banners: Tradeshow display and Web advertising.

KBR Print Ads, plus a PowerPoint template. There is a post on Signalwriter, by Richard Laurence Baron about the development of this KBR Technology sub-brand.

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