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Chip + Mobile + PRISM = SUCCESS

May 12, 2016

The Prism Design team was just awarded a Silver Communicator Award and two Platinum Hermes Creative Awards for the CITGO “Chip & Mobile™ Quick Start Guide” and “Getting to Yes’ incentives supplement.

We share these honors with our brilliant wordsmith Elizabeth Fordham at Quill & Ink.

AGY-1090 CITGO POST CHIPMOBILEBig changes were on the horizon in Point of Sales (POS), and our client needed to inform their retailers about upgrading their POS technology. The message and materials needed to be easy for the retailers to understand: what’s changing, how, when and where to make the proper upgrades to benefit their business. Two pieces were created, “Chip & Mobile™ Quick Start Guide” and “Getting to Yes’ incentives supplement. The quick start guide provided the retailers all they needed to know to make informed decisions concerning their POS technology. The incentives supplement was a snapshot of key dates and incentive offers to assist the marketers.AGY-1090 CITGO POST CHIPMOBILE_GUIDES2




Where creativity, expression and intellect collide.

March 18, 2015

What’s a designer to do for inspiration? Take the family to see a Cirque du soleil production, Amaluna! There’s so much to take in like set design, costumes, music, lighting, story line, and of course the talented performers; it’s a creative cornucopia.

Amaluna was not my first Cirque show, however every time I attend, I find myself asking the same questions. What does it take to deliver a Cirque production? Who orchestrates the creative direction? How do the performers perform at such a high level day in and day out? So many moving parts, yet the presentation is seamless, in sync, to us. It’s obvious that not only is a Cirque production visually stunning, it’s beautifully thought-out.

Ironically, we often receive a similar response when we work on client projects. We develop creative directions while looking at each project from a broad perspective. We perform through our execution and production of the ideas, delivering a product that is in sync with the client’s needs and expectations. And yes, we do this day in and day out. Actually, it’s not surprising to see some similarities between a Cirque du soleil production and our process as designers. Our client’s work is beautifully thought-out too.

Healthy chit chat

August 12, 2011

How you doin’
Feelin’ better than ever
Makin’ it happen
Great 2 hear

Is that how we communicate these days? Kinda. It’s what’s in, immediate, real, and often a very efficient way of communication. So, when PRISM was asked to create a new wellness program for BP we decided to build the identity and dialog based on today’s instant way of communicating.

Becoming a healthier you. To communicate and visualize the program we created chat bubbles to hold casual sound bites that call attention to a myriad of wellness topics, as well as utilize real-world avatars: mini-self portraits of you and the community around you. The messages would be to-the-point, unique, not overwhelming, and health centered. They are surrounded in bright, healthy colors.

Becoming a healthier you was developed to educate employees and their families towards choosing a healthier lifestyle. Healthy employees and families equal more productivity, safer work and home environments, and a healthier work/life balance.

Healthy chit chat? Sounds simple. That’s what we hope you’d say. Behind the scenes it’s a lot more. It’s the strategy for a long-term wellness communications program, where BP is taking the initiative to invest in their employees and their families for life.

Marketing consulting services… Visualize what’s next

February 9, 2011


Small business owners log miles of steps to build successful companies and grow market value. Amidst those miles owners can lose sight of the businesses goals, position, direction. Where will they be in the future? Where they are right now? The advisors at Texas Gulf Group (TGG) are the guides that help CEO’s navigate through the planning stages and magnitude of steps to growing their business. TGG visualizes the potential to their customers.

To distinguish Texas Gulf Group from their competition, we tossed out the typical ho-hum stock photos and utilized custom, conceptual illustrations (inspired by the logo which we showed in an earlier post). Why not? Today’s business environment is no where near ho-hum. While visitors to the website explore services such as strategic planning, executive coaching, exit planning, buying/selling a business, and peer advisory groups – TGG visualizes the outcome to their customers.

What’s next for you? Begin the conversation, share your thoughts, write down the obvious, the wild ideas, the desired results and everything in between. It’s the way to begin visualizing with us.

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