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A Visual Treat.

February 24, 2015


On a recent trip to Italy this storefront design grabbed me immediately. The rich character, warmth and quirkiness – pulled at me to go inside.

The shop owner of this meat, cheese and wine store in Siena, Italy was proud of his offerings; and rightfully so. His attention to detail was everywhere on the inside. Pizzicheria De Miccolino has no menu, the concept here is to use your senses. Look, smell, taste, chat and enjoy the atmosphere. Of course we purchased several picnics worth of savory goodies and left with a very unique experience too.


Gamma Phi-bulous fabric: the pink carnation

March 13, 2012

We’re working on pattern designs for Gamma Phi Beta sorority members so they can celebrate their official flower – the pink carnation – in a new (fabric) way!

We plan to tweak and/or complete more patterns than pictured here. We think the fabrics could be used to make gift totes, tablecloths, to cover big Greek letters for recruitment, or whatever members can dream up.

Our goal is to have several ready this summer (June 2012). Hopefully we’ll have some actual gift items made up, and for sure the actual fabric for sale. We’re pretty thrilled about this. We’d love to hear what you think. Ideas anyone? Which one’s your favorite? Leave us a comment.

This new Pink Carnation line of fabrics is inspired by the four founders of Gamma Phi Beta Sorority: Helen, Frances, Adeline, and Mary. You can read about them here. We’ll talk more about what this means as we complete our designs.

The envelope (cube) please…

March 31, 2011


And the winner is… you! There is no denying that we all enjoy being recognized. From family and friends, to peers, or even better, the people we work for all year.

Awards are valuable tools for positive motivation, confirmation of success, and inspiration for future performance – if presented well at the onset. Money Management International teamed up with us to develop an employee recognition plan to award their “best counselors for each region”.

We visualized for them how it would all play out: from the theme to the presentation – the design of the awards (which stack up nicely year over year), invitations, signs, lanyards, slideshows, and t-shirts.

Thinking tool. Visual Thesaurus.

March 9, 2011


The subject of a recent business leaders meeting: The importance of finding out the “why” from our customers instead of the “what”. Curious marketing beans always ask lots of questions to get closer to the true why, so I clicked on one of my favorite mind-mapping tools, the Visual Thesaurus, to ask it: “why, ask why”?

For us, answering the “why” lets us operate at our most powerful, strategic, design thinking to reach the goal or desired result.

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