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Clue Two: Prism Makes the Signalwrite Gift Specialer

December 7, 2009

Here is what Signalwrite Marketing and a snowman have in common. They both start with the letter “S” and that’s what this second clue is all about. I told the Prismatics about this remarkable coincidence. They were amazed.

The amazement has been translated into a wonderful figure, the icon-like Snowman, composed completely of “S” – lots. Small, large, serif, sans serif, caps and lower case (“S” in all its forms). This is it here. Lucky Signalwrite Marketing clients will see it in close proximity/attached to the 2009 Holiday Gift. My own present from the Prism Design team: What they’ve given me in terms of time, creativity and art.

What’s the gift? Clue One is on the Signalwriter blog. Maybe you’ll guess lucky and get a double helping of Something Special.

Our Designer, Stacy Allen, illustrated.

A bean full of thank you’s to Richard Laurence Baron for guest blogging

this post today.


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