Peachtree logo development


What designer does not yearn for an opportunity to design a logo? When Prism was tasked to create an identity for a new apartment community in Atlanta Georgia, called Peachtree Dunwoody Place, I began brainstorming ways to graphically connect the apartments with a “peach tree”. I know, peach trees have been done over and over. However, I was determined to “contemporize” and “modernize” the logo to reflect the upscale, hip living available in the community. In addition to the “peach tree” variations, I also wanted to execute designs that were inspired by the modern design of the property.

The target market for this community is male and females between the ages of 25-35. Hey! that’s me, and the majority of my friends! (Now, my non-paid, officially unofficial, focus group.) Interesting enough, the females preferred the “tree” designs while the males preferred the abstract “modern” executions. Because of the positive feedback on all of the designs, Prism decided to present both directions to the client.

These are the five logos that Prism presented in digital form. After a few minor tweaks, the client selected the design shown first. On this one, I incorporated a faux bois pattern in the body of the trunk and designed organic orange circles to “suggest” peaches. The colors and font treatment are fun, young and hip. My friendly test group thought so too. Peachy.


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