Gamma Phi-bulous fabric: the pink carnation


We’re working on pattern designs for Gamma Phi Beta sorority members so they can celebrate their official flower – the pink carnation – in a new (fabric) way!

We plan to tweak and/or complete more patterns than pictured here. We think the fabrics could be used to make gift totes, tablecloths, to cover big Greek letters for recruitment, or whatever members can dream up.

Our goal is to have several ready this summer (June 2012). Hopefully we’ll have some actual gift items made up, and for sure the actual fabric for sale. We’re pretty thrilled about this. We’d love to hear what you think. Ideas anyone? Which one’s your favorite? Leave us a comment.

This new Pink Carnation line of fabrics is inspired by the four founders of Gamma Phi Beta Sorority: Helen, Frances, Adeline, and Mary. You can read about them here. We’ll talk more about what this means as we complete our designs.


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10 Responses to “Gamma Phi-bulous fabric: the pink carnation”

  1. ellencrawf0rd Says:

    I prefer fabric A, the white background adds a nice contrast!


  2. Jacquelyn Stuart Says:

    I love them. #1 is my favorite, I prefer more classic Greek letters instead of “historical” ones & I love fancy script. Please let me know when I can order some fabric. Can’t wait!


  3. Barbarajean Blodgett Says:

    I LOVE all of these designs. I’m glad that this particular sorority will finally have a grouping of fabulous patterns for apparel and accessories. Hooray!


  4. Theresa Says:

    Where and when can I buy this fabric?


  5. Theresa Says:

    I hope you’re serious about having these fabrics ready by June 2013. How will you let us know when they’re ready for sale?


  6. Theresa Says:

    Where is the fabric? Or, is this just a pipe dream?


  7. Theresa Says:

    Still no fabric?


  8. Sieglinde Marx Says:

    My grand daughter just pledged, I would love to have some fabric to incorporate into a quilt. Is it available yet?


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