Healthy chit chat


How you doin’
Feelin’ better than ever
Makin’ it happen
Great 2 hear

Is that how we communicate these days? Kinda. It’s what’s in, immediate, real, and often a very efficient way of communication. So, when PRISM was asked to create a new wellness program for BP we decided to build the identity and dialog based on today’s instant way of communicating.

Becoming a healthier you. To communicate and visualize the program we created chat bubbles to hold casual sound bites that call attention to a myriad of wellness topics, as well as utilize real-world avatars: mini-self portraits of you and the community around you. The messages would be to-the-point, unique, not overwhelming, and health centered. They are surrounded in bright, healthy colors.

Becoming a healthier you was developed to educate employees and their families towards choosing a healthier lifestyle. Healthy employees and families equal more productivity, safer work and home environments, and a healthier work/life balance.

Healthy chit chat? Sounds simple. That’s what we hope you’d say. Behind the scenes it’s a lot more. It’s the strategy for a long-term wellness communications program, where BP is taking the initiative to invest in their employees and their families for life.


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