Communicating Wellness – can be ugly



This BP wellness calendar was designed and written to speak about real health issues – not pretty them up. It features daily issues like putting off exercise, stress at work or not taking care of your body. The “get around to it” theme is easy for folks to relate to everyday. The chat bubbles say things we “think” or “would say” – with a little fun thrown in.

Even designing a wellness calendar takes many helping hands (or beans) to make the concept succeed. Let me first thank the “voice” Richard L. Baron, Signalwriter, and Janelle Ewing, who is Manager of Benefits Communication at BP America; and seconded by Bonnie Hargett, BP Benefits Communication Consultant. Kudos to Prism’s Design Director, Terry Teutsch, for creating a fun and inspiring calendar.

We set out to design a calendar that we had never seen before; that was not generic sounding or “just pretty” in look. We accomplished this and more… Award of Excellence at Houston’s IABC 2010 Bronze Quill Awards.


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