We’ve moved! And are painting today.


We moved our Prism studios “about one minute away” sites Google maps. It’s a nifty location just north of Memorial Drive in an early 1980-ish style building. Here’s our new address to copy/paste:

Prism Design, Inc.
99 Detering Street, Suite 106
Houston, Texas 77007
713-871-8376 (same phone)

We’re specifying paint for every wall in the place. Gotta love this challenge. But why aren’t paint colors identified the same as PMS colors? Who cares with names like Grandiose*, Aqua-Sphere, Melange Green and a most powerful accent – Show Stopper red. All of these beauties will be strutting their values on our new studio walls this week.

Thanks to paint providers Sherwin Williams and the construction crew of The Finger Companies we’ll be ready for guests in just a few days.

*Yes, it’s a lot like our blog background. Hey, Sherwin Williams has a cool iphone app for color.


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5 Responses to “We’ve moved! And are painting today.”

  1. Elizabeth Fordham Says:

    The names of your paint colors remind me of those on OPI fingernail polishes. Can’t wait to see the new digs… after the paint fumes are a memory.


  2. Richard Laurence Baron Says:

    “Let there be drama! Let there be life!” And don’t spare the paint.


  3. susansbean Says:

    Elizabeth, I just clicked to the OPI site. There’s a color called “I’m Not Really a Waitress”. Have to love this. http://www.opi.com/.

    Richard, The bright ones are for you (and your shirts).


  4. Miss Anne Says:

    I’m wearing “I’m not really a Waitress” on my toes right now. Good color. Can’t wait to see the new digs!


  5. prismdesign Says:

    Miss Anne and Elizabeth, There’s an iphone app for OPI http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/opi/id355728893?mt=8


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