We’re In! Bayou City Art Festival.


We just received a letter from Sarah House, Art on Water Coordinator. Read a few excerpts:

Congratulations Prism Design Team!


The Art Colony Association Selection Committee chose your application for inclusion in the Art on Water portion of the Bayou City Art Festival. Your work will be on display in the Reflection Pond at City Hall on October 10 and 11, 2009.

…Installation of all pieces is scheduled for Thursday, October 8, and we are currently working on getting press coverage of the artists launching their sculptures.

Yikes, we need to figure out how to build this. The rules are pretty simple, but we’re not trained sculptors. Got any thoughts? More beans the better.


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3 Responses to “We’re In! Bayou City Art Festival.”

  1. Jimsbean Says:



  2. Debra Crabtree Says:

    Congratulations, Your all do such great work. I am looking forward to seeing the art at the reflecton pond.


  3. Cathy Lorino Says:

    My beans: Build it like a float. Chicken wire base and crepe paper or cover with paper mache.

    Full of beans, Cathy


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