Bean Too Hot! Bayou City Art Festival.


We think it’s been (bean in our case) way too hot. So we brewed up an idea to float in Houston’s City Hall Reflection Pond this October. You may recall in August we talked about the invitation to submit ideas to the Art colony Association. The bean team floated this idea below.


Hot or cool – the Bayou City Art Festival Downtown takes place on October 10-11, 2009.


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7 Responses to “Bean Too Hot! Bayou City Art Festival.”

  1. Jeff Austin Says:

    I love it! It’s timely, appropriate, and in good taste! It’s HOT!


  2. Frank Says:

    Best bean post I have seen yet, community, products, process, results!


  3. Carol Kelly Says:

    You’ve got to put up signage: Geniuses at work here!


  4. Dodie Says:

    Think it is great, as all you do.


  5. Robin L. Says:

    I just LOVE this site!!!!


  6. Jimsbean Says:

    Will they let you use canvas?


  7. prismdesign Says:

    Jim – Yes, I believe canvas could work. All materials must be waterproof and non-biodegradable. We want to keep the pool cool.


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