The Creative Minds Behind: Visible Straps.


Meet Amy Puchot and Lori McGuinness the creators of an upmarket fashion accessory – beaded bra straps. They have designed an elegant way to let your bra straps “show”.

There’s a lot more to “elegant” than what you see here. With Amy’s jewelry experience and Lori’s construction of their strap adaptor (patent pending) this creative force has developed a comfortable and long wearing high-design visible strap.

The Creative Minds

Prism designer Stacy Allen (who has been test-wearing a turquoise beaded strap) presented our brand strategy and logo design directions yesterday. You can peek at a few highlights here:

Visible Straps

We’ll reveal the final brand in a post later this month, as the creative Visible Straps team is hosting their first boutique show and sale, September 24-26 here.


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10 Responses to “The Creative Minds Behind: Visible Straps.”

  1. Great Minds! The Visible Strap. « The Bead Den CRAFTIVITIES Says:

    […] Check out their story here. […]


  2. Amy Puchot Says:

    Lori and I are so excited over the prospect of this new business. I am personally
    very grateful for the creative genius of Stacy, Susan, and Terry’s branding and logo design. Working with the Dream Team at Prism Design has been amazing!
    Lori and I are continuing to work very hard to get ready for our first boutique show.


  3. prismdesign Says:

    Thank you for picking up our post Bead Den. This is a first for us at Prism’s Use Your Bean blog. This is fun!


  4. Debra Crabtree Says:

    What a great ideal and the branding is wonderful. I wish you great success and can’t wait to see more.


  5. Lori McGuinness Says:

    We are thrilled to have this opportunity to work with the Dream Team at Prism Design whose hard work already is contributing to our success as a business. We appreciate everything they have done for us and really appreciate their passion for wanting to make our hard work be symbolized and branded in the best possible way. As we continue to focus on making creative and styling bra straps, Susan, Stacy, and Terry are working hard at Prism Design while we prepare for our first showcase of the year in a couple of weeks.


  6. JAN HINES Says:

    What a great idea! Would love to find out more about your visible straps – where are you located?


  7. prismdesign Says:

    Hi Jan, Thank you for asking about the Visible Straps team. They are located in Houston, Texas as is our Prism Design team who writes this Use Your Bean idea blog.

    Visible Straps has a facebook page where you can find out more. Their first boutique show is Sept. 24-26 in Houston and is listed on facebook along with more photos.


  8. Carol Kelly Says:

    Love the jewelry-look of those elegant bra straps! Why did it take so long to come to this?


  9. Innovative and Elegant. Balanced Brand. « Use Your Bean Says:

    […] the straps don’t peek out. Neither of these options is comfortable or attractive. As we posted a few weeks ago, Visible Straps is an innovative product created by women for women. Instinctively […]


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