Room(s) for Ideas.


Want to flesh-out an idea? Leave that corporate view for an hour and come brainstorm with us.


Our biggest and most comfortable space for strategy sessions. It helps to clear your head here. Inspiration flows.


A bit cozier place to think. We call it the library because of the pretty wood bookcase Richard Loper of El Dorado Woodworks made for us. You have to visit to see the bookcase – it’s on the far far left.


Do all parties end up in the kitchen?


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3 Responses to “Room(s) for Ideas.”

  1. Richard Laurence Baron Says:

    Wonderful and spacious post. But…

    Where is Terry?
    Is Terry on the stair?
    Is Terry in the john?
    Where is Terry? Where, oh where?

    Where is Stacy? (etc.)

    C’mon – they can’t hide forever. Best for the great weekend ahead…


  2. Susan Reeves Says:

    You know we can’t keep it this clean it. I promise ideas will flourish and people will appear in the next post. You’re right Richard, we won’t hide out for long.


  3. Don Gutierrez Says:

    Now if you only had this kitchen back in the day, think of all the yummy cheesecakes I could have whipped up.


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