Easy University Recruiting.


There is a limit to what most of us marketers are willing to lug around to career fairs and small tradeshows. Yet we don’t want our booth property to suffer, so we don’t have to.

This portable fabric booth allows for limitless ways to display your brand while giving your back a break. Design tips: 1. Use powerful color, 2. Short copy – cut to the bone, 3. Leave the details for booth handouts or web sites, 4. Effortless images – high contrast graphics print better on fabric, 5. Tell a story that is memorable.


See more ideas on how these Xpressions Booths can look. The ones shown above were purchased through Freeman Exhibits.

See a few “No Limits” giveaways shown here. Next, we promise to post ideas for recruiting literature.


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One Response to “Easy University Recruiting.”

  1. Richard Laurence Baron Says:

    In the interest of fairness, I would have liked to see Terry posing with the case. Still, it’s a great demo of practical design: Graphics plus physics. Always excellent seeing something at work…


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