Sometimes it’s the Little Things.




Real-life conversation: After breakfast, a Baker Hughes truck driver stopped by his dispatch office for his next driving assignments. To make sure he was available for the scheduled dates, he took out his pocket calendar. The dispatcher helping him out spotted it immediately.

“Where did you get that cool calendar? Can I get one?”

Driver: “It was in my Annual Enrollment packet.”

Real-life lesson: Employee communication tools can be like breakfast basics – simple and fulfilling. The handy Baker Hughes “my year” calendar features “my paydays,” “my company holidays” and “my benefits directory.” It lists over 30 contact points to help employees locate things info about medical, thrift, pension, FSAs and more. It’s part of every employee’s enrollment package every year.

With plenty of room for jotting personal notes – or driving assignments – we think of this as “design at work.”


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One Response to “Sometimes it’s the Little Things.”

  1. Richard Laurence Baron Says:

    Great “cross-matching” of the Baker Hughes HR campaign and employees’ work habits.


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