Experimenting with Red.


du jour

Paradigm of Love

San Jose Clinic

Susan and I hosted a “Shades of Red” party inviting a mix of both artists and non-art types. An experimental event of sorts – our plan was to provide a relaxing atmosphere where people could get to know each other, be creative and just enjoy expressing their point of view on canvas. “What does red mean to you?” was our theme. Through the artistic contributions of many, we created two fabulous paintings, which we dubbed “du jour” and “Paradigm of Love”.

Afterwards our guest Nancy Enright, suggested we donate the paintings to the San José Clinic for its “Art With Heart” Silent Art Auction.

The San José Clinic, is one of the oldest charity clinics in the United States. They have been providing healthcare to the uninsured since 1922 and are the only full-time clinic in the Greater Houston area dedicated exclusively to serving the uninsured.

“This was the first party I attended where I hardly knew anyone and had such a wonderful time”, said party guest Marshall Graham.

We’ll do this again. How about “green”?


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One Response to “Experimenting with Red.”

  1. Sue Murchinson Says:

    Thank you so much for sending this to me and for listing San José Clinic. You guys are awesome, thank you again for your support.


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