What Goes ‘Round…



We (and Signalwrite Marketing’s Richard Laurence Baron) created a new Wood Group Gas Turbine Services theme-and-design-look that says, “Keep on Turning.” It seemed the next natural step was to turn the new tradeshow pamphlet into a circle, too.

The pamphlet, instead of just sitting in the booth or in some swag-bag, became a plaything as well as an information piece.  We’ve watched tradeshow attendees handle it, page through it, put it in their jacket pockets and take it out again because it fit so well.


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2 Responses to “What Goes ‘Round…”

  1. Richard Laurence Baron Says:

    Thank you for the kind notes about the Wood Group GTS program. Great blog!


  2. amphetaminealastair Says:

    i like t design. x)


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