Tia Dresses Up.



Serendipity is (sometimes) as effective as disciplined thought. Prism’s bookkeeper, Amy Puchot, introduced me to Tia Budde, a friend and an amazing cook one summer evening. Tia had on this sleek summer dress that everyone noticed. I had no idea this dress would later become the inspiration for a package design.

A few months later at another gathering, I got to taste a terrific salad dressing Tia had made. She had been sharing this salad dressing with friends – making gifts of it – to an ever-growing list for the holiday season. I kept nudging Amy, “How I could get on the list for this stuff? I’ll pay.”

At the same time, Prism was in the midst of our annual what-can-we-design-for-a-holiday-present. Amy had been nudging her friend to market her dressing; Prism was in need of a gift to design. So Amy got us partnering.

Along with meeting this bright and talented cook, that dress was part of a great first impression. We created a mood board of visuals to present to Tia along with the name: “Tia’s Dress. Smart salads wear this dressing.”  The concept just clicked.

The dress is still stylish, too.


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One Response to “Tia Dresses Up.”

  1. Jimsbean Says:

    Does the CD cover and song go under packaging? If not, where is it?


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